Case Study
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The Dell Music Center is a large, 6,000 seat, open-air amphitheater located in Philadelphia. During the day it offers educational and family events for neighboring communities and at nighttime, it is known for an energetic schedule featuring music, dance and theater.

The multi-year project was a comprehensive experiential re-branding. Solutions ranged from exterior to interior place-making that amped up the venue's brand 24/7--from morning community events through encore performances at summer evening concerts. The design/build approach was a collaborative effort, optimizing the expertise and experience of the design/fabrication team and keeping the client's goals the ultimate priority.

The wide range of solutions used a variety of approaches to echo the vibe of the venue: * Large illuminated channel letters stretch almost 60' across new fascia banding with die-cut musical notes & stars. The notes and stars “twinkled” via a state-of-the-art color changing light system. Urban rebuilt the horizontal fascia banding along the entire front of the roof line, providing clean lines and a sleek new face to the community. * Aluminum flag parking signs with vibrant contemporary imagery and accentuated with a dimensional music visually pop in the urban environs and simplify parking options. * Wayfinding signage has to work 24/7 - easily visible during the day, and gently illuminated at night so as not to detract from the performances. The wayfinding sign EXIT, seating indicators and even the highly-detailed seating chart are push-through, back-lit acrylic. The back-lit green edging added a pulse of energy.


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