Case Study
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University Circle, located in Cleveland, OH, is a square mile chock-full of live, work, learn and play destinations. University Circle Inc. wanted to engage visitors and locals by sharing the stories of the area's people, places and institutions.

CircleWalk includes 40 polyhedron-shaped "Story Poles" installed throughout the neighborhood to enrich the visitor experience with both historical and contemporary details about the area. The Story Pole design combined multiple processes to achieve a high-impact solution. Graphics are sublimated to the unique shape, wrapping seamlessly around an inner post. The inner post is etched with a stepped pattern that follows the multi-angled shape. The logo on top was silkscreened.

Testimonial: “The CircleWalk signs were thoughtfully designed by Gecko Group to vibrantly tell the stories of University Circle, while seamlessly blending into the existing streetscape. We are thrilled that Urban was able to successfully translate this elegant design into a beautiful reality that truly enhances our neighborhood.” - Chris Ronayne, President of University Circle Inc.


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